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Excellent Red Varieties:

Abe Lincoln: 87 days. Beautiful dark red fruits, sweet, solid and meaty. Fruits are smooth, free from cracks and seams, and - although large - ripen all the way through. Ideal for ketchup, juice or slicing. Sturdy plants, frequently have bronzy-green foliage. Excellent disease resistance. Indeterminate.

Big Beef: 70 days. These large, juicy, fruits combine old-fashioned beefsteak flavor with heavy yields. 1-pound, round to globe-shaped. Flavor is full and hearty with lots of sweet juice balanced with that wonderful tomato acidity. These giants slice up perfectly for big sandwiches. Judy's favorite for its disease resistance. Fruit stays large even at the end of a long harvest season. Indeterminate.

Clint Eastwood’s Rowdy Red: 78 days. Named by Gary Ibsen, the seeds of this variety came to Gary from tomato breeder, Archie Millett, who crossed his favorite tomato varieties over many years to finally produce a disease resistant tomato with intense flavor. 'Clint Eastwood's Rowdy Red,' is an open-pollinated tomato.  The tall, indeterminate, plant produces lots of 2-inch (6-10 oz.), deep-red, round fruits with a subtle point on its end. Fruit has robust, “not for sissies,” bold, tomatoey flavors, with a firm, juicy flesh, that invites snacking in the garden, cooking, canning and seed-saving. Its fruity sweetness is perfectly balanced with plenty of acidity, earthy nuances and complexity. Indeterminate.

Oregon Spring: 65 days. At last! A tomato that combines earliness with large size and good flavor. Plants are cool weather resistant and its compact determinate vines don’t require staking. Oregon Spring’s earliest fruit are its largest and are mostly seedless. Developed at Oregon State University. Determinate.

Goose Creek: 75 days. Fruits are pink, round and oblate, smooth and blemish-free, very juicy, 4-10 oz. Very good full flavor. An heirloom from the early 1800s. Midseason. Excellent production of great tasting 6-8 oz red fruit with few seeds.

Sunset’s Red Horizon: 72 days. This outstanding heirloom tomato, named by tomato grower Gary Ibsen for Sunset magazine in 2003, is a native to Southern Russia. Huge, red, 4 to 6-inch, meaty, heart-shaped fruits are borne from a big leafy plant with wispy vines. Delicious fruit with huge tomatoey flavors.
Bonus: They are not only one of the first tomato varieties to produce, but produce fruit well into November (in Oregon and in California). Proven resistant to frost, blossom end rot and cracking.  Indeterminate.

San Francisco Fog: 72 days. Large tomato plant bearing abundant clusters of delicious, red, round, 2-3 inch heirloom tomato fruit. Bred for the cool, west coast, overcast climate these tomato seeds will do well in cooler areas.  A great red heirloom tomato. Should work really well on our Palos Verdes Peninsula. Indeterminate.

Sasha Altai: 57 days. An excellent variety from Russia. Seeds were given to Bill McDorman when in Irkutsk, Siberia in 1989, by his dear Siberian friend Sasha who claimed this variety that he grew in his garden in the Altai Shan mountain range was the "best tomato in all of Siberia." Sasha's Altai was selected by Organic Garden Magazine as one of the 10 best early producing tomatoes in the world.   Sasha's Altai is a hearty tomato plant that produces very good yields of 4-6 oz., thinned-skinned, bright-red, slightly flattened, round tomatoes with an award-winning complex flavor. Fruit sets well in cooler coastal climates and high altitudes. Excellent for canning, salads and making tomato juice.  Determinate.

Colorful Varieties and Striped Tomatoes

Persimmon: 80 to 90 days. Beefsteak size yellow-orange tomato. One of Judy's personal fav's. More sweet than tart, low acid, wonderful fruity flavor. Try this next to a standard red tomato, and taste both more intensely. Persimmons surprise you at the end of their season with a burst of production. Determinate.

Purple Cherokee: 80 days. Unique dusty rose color. Flavor rivals Brandywine, extremely sweet. Excellent sandwich tomato! Prolific plants produce large crops of 12 oz. fruits all season long. Compares with Paul Robeson for size, color, and flavor, but in my experience, it is far more productive. Indeterminate.

Big Rainbow: 82 days. This spectacular heirloom tomato was in 1990. Originally from Polk County, MN. Big, sprawling, indeterminate, regular-leaf tomato plants that yield moderate to large crops of 1-2 lb. rib-shouldered bi-colored beefsteak tomatoes with gold flesh with beautiful red streaks running throughout. As fruits ripen they have a rainbow appearance: greens on the shoulder, yellow, orange, gold in the middle, and red on the blossom end. Fruit often has dynamic red splotches inside and on bottom. Very juicy and fruity sweet. Good disease resistance. A late producer. Great for slicing thick into sandwiches or salads.

Mexican Pink: 79 days. Beefsteak sized. I got my original seeds of this great tomato from a friend whose friends kept this heirloom going from year to year. I saved the seeds, but it was difficult because I could only find about 4 to 8 seeds in each tomato! This is one meaty tomato. When all my other tomatoes were plotzing out, this one kept going, even into the winter. Its pink flesh tastes better than most winter varieties, and the size is larger, yet it will ripen with very little heat.  Indeterminate.

Chocolate Stripes:  79 days. Produce very large, indeterminate, regular-leaf tomato plants that yield a plentiful crop of 3-4 inch, mahogany colored with dark, olive green-striping (similar to black zebra).  Fruits have delicious, complex, rich, sweet, earthy tomato flavors. Chocolate Stripe, another desirable 'black tomato," is an excellent tomato and a fine choice for your tomato garden. Produces well into the autumn. A great sandwich tomato and salad tomato.  Indeterminate.

Tigerella:  76 days. (AKA Mr. Stripey) - Highly productive, English vine that produces beautiful, silver-dollar sized, round fruits with red-orange skin with golden-green to yellow jagged stripes. Red-orange, juicy flesh. Brisk, tangy (tart) flavor. Indeterminate.

Berkeley Tie Dye: 82 days. This is one of the most unique and beautiful tomatoes in the world. The large fruits have orange-red and yellow-green stripes. I've never seen anything like it! The flavor is very tangy, but also sweet. It reminds me of tart candy. Berkeley Tie-Dye was bred by Brad Gates of Wild Boar Farms. Not very productive until the end of the season, but certainly worth growing for the flavor and beauty. The fruits can weigh up to one pound. Indeterminate.

Azoychka: 70 days. A very productive Russian heirloom found at the Bird Market in Moscow. ("Azoychka" is a woman's name.). An indeterminate, open-pollinated. regular-leaf tomato plant that produces an abundant crop (40-50 tomatoes per plant) of smooth, 3-inch, 10-16 oz., slightly flattened oblate, meaty, yellow/orange tomatoes with a luscious sweet citrusy flavor. Dependably productive, delicious and deservedly in demand. Unlike most yellow tomatoes this variety has a good acidic balance to its fruity sweetness resulting in lots of robust, complex flavors. A great variety suited to coastal and both warm to cooler growing regions. Produces well into the season. Great for eating in salads, sliced into a sandwich, cooking in sauces or canning. 68-78 days to maturity. Rare tomato seeds. Indeterminate.

Plum Tomatoes

San Marzano: 78 days. Considered by many chefs to be the best paste tomatoes in the world. Long, cylindrical fruit are filled with thick, dry flesh and few seeds. Delicious, balanced acidic flavor, and meaty flesh makes for good sauce. Fruits avg. 5-6 oz. F2, V Indeterminate.

Cherry Tomatoes and Pear Tomatoes

Sugar Sweetie Cherry: 65 days. A highly regarded, perfect cherry tomato for a classic tomato flavor in salads.

Peacevine Cherry:  75 days. So named because of the high amino acid content which has a calming effect on the body. According to Seeds of Change, this indeterminate variety had "the highest Vitamin C content in a cherry tomato among 30 varieties analyzed by Rutgers University."  Indeterminate.

Sungold Cherry:  65 days. Master Gardener Judy Frankel’s Absolute Favorite. Sun Gold's fruity or tropical flavor is a big hit with everyone who tastes it. The bright apricot-orange round globes are 1 1/4 inches across and are borne on long, 10-15 fruit, grape-like trusses. The vigorous indeterminate vines produce equally well in the field and the early spring greenhouse. F1, F2, V. Indeterminate.

Sunburst Cherry: 80 days. Plant produces good yields of 1 1/2" bright yellow cherry tomatoes. The tomatoes are very sweet and flavorful with a low acid profile. Excellent for salads and sandwiches. Suitable for home gardens and market growers. Indeterminate.