Providing Expert Tree and Garden Care for 17 Years

Judy Frankel started gardening on her family’s farm in Pennsylvania at the tender age of 12. She studied health and exercise physiology at Penn State, graduating as a Certified Athletic Trainer in 1984.

A spirited entrepreneur, Judy started several successful businesses: a physical therapy clinic, edible landscape company, and a political website and blog. As an activist, she published a political non-fiction account of her attempts to “fix” Congress by removing money’s influence from the campaign process. It's called In Search of the Next POTUS: One Woman's Quest to Fix Washington and it can be purchased at Amazon.

In 2002, Judy completed the University of California Master Gardener program, focusing on helping low income families grow their own food. Later in 2002, Judy became a Certified Master Gardener in Massachusetts through the Massachusetts Horticultural Society. After five years of gardening on the east coast, Judy now tends her ten-year-young Southern California garden, harvesting more than 185 varieties of fruit, vegetables, and herbs. She uses biodynamic organic methods and Integrated Pest Management, concentrating on regenerative soil practices such as inoculating with fungi and bacteria, composting, and crop rotation.

Judy is greatly concerned over the future of food, writing and speaking out against GMO’s, Roundup (glyphosate) and “terminator” seeds. She pinpointed political campaign contributions as the main cause of government problems that affect agricultural policy, and joined Money Out, Voters In to take action.

Judy is a member of the Seed Library of Los Angeles, California Rare Fruit Growers and the South Coast Rose Society.

As an edible landscape consultant, Judy advises local homeowners on the selection of fruit trees, grapevines, and berries. She prunes and trains trees and vineyards for maximum production and high sugar content.

When the bumper crops come in, Judy really gets creative using every last bit of produce. Examples of her recipes include: pumpkin pie and scones, butternut stew, Judy’s tomato sauce, zucchini stir fry, coconut green bean curry. Judy grows her own Kaffir lime leaves, curry tree, Indian mustard, and lemongrass for Thai and Indian fare. You can watch her whip up a meal in her kitchen on YouTube.